Piano FAQs

Do we need a piano to learn?
Absolutely!  With a piano or digital keyboard (88 keys) in your home, you will afford the opportunity to progress daily. Students will need either an acoustic piano or a digital piano with weighted keys, full range 88 keys, and sustain pedal.

Can you come and teach at our house?
No, all lessons are conducted at 34 Rondelay Drive, Castle Hill.

Can I pay lesson fees as I go?
Payment is per term as outlined in my policy.

How long, and how often are the lessons?
Lessons are usually once a week, 30 minutes for beginners and 45 to 60 minutes for intermediate-advanced levels. More frequent lessons may be required if you have an exam coming up.

How long will it be before I can play well?
Everyone is different and it depends on YOU. Learning requires commitment and regular practice. I would rather you practice 15 minutes every other day than two hours at the weekend.

Every day you don’t practice, you’re one day further from being good. — Ben Hogan

What is your lessons availability?
Lessons are offered during the school year except for holidays (request only). Adults and home-school students may conveniently schedule morning, mid-day and early afternoon lessons.

Do you teach during holidays?
Yes, for students who have exams or are just keen to keep up with regular lessons.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
As outlined in the studio policy, please give at least 24 hours notice, and you may choose to do a make-up lesson or have one lesson credited to the next term. If no notice was given, the lesson will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.

If you can’t fit me in at this time, can I go on a waiting list?
Yes. If I put you on the waiting list, I’ll contact you when a time becomes available.

Can my child sit exams?
Students are offered the option of sitting AMEB or ANZCA examinations throughout the year. This is entirely optional and is a decision that we should discuss together once they reach the appropriate standard.

What paths can I take after learning the basics of piano?
As students advance and have a strong base of musical knowledge and reading they are encouraged to choose their own path. Some of these options include:

  • AMEB exams (Pianoforte/Piano for Leisure & Theory)
  • ANZCA exams (Practical – Modern/Classical Series & Theory)
  • Continuing with method books (Some children like to progress through the levels)
  • Playing music from movies such as Disney, Star Wars, Mamma Mia etc
  • Playing pop music (whatever they are inspired by, depending on level of difficulty)
  • Playing anything that interests YOU!