Academic FAQs

What subjects do you offer?
English and Mathematics for primary, secondary and university students. I also provide essay proofing services across a wide array of university subjects.

How do you run your lessons?
Lessons are 1:1 or small group lessons where teaching material is tailored on a lesson-by-lesson basis, as determined by the needs and progress of the student. This ensures all students are given quality work that addresses their individual capabilities.

Can you come and teach at our house?
No, all lessons are conducted at 34 Rondelay Drive, Castle Hill.

How long, and how often are the lessons?
Lessons are usually once a week, hour minimum.


What is your lessons availability?
Lessons are offered throughout the school year except for holidays (request only). Adults and home-school students may conveniently schedule morning, mid-day and early afternoon lessons.

Do you teach during holidays?
Yes, this is mainly for senior students who have assessments or HSC.

What happens if I miss a lesson?
As outlined in the studio policy, please give at least 24 hours notice, and you may choose to do a make-up lesson or have one lesson credited to the next term. If no notice was given, the lesson will be forfeited and no refunds will be given.

Do you offer online lessons?
Yes, lessons are available over Skype. It is a free software that allows anyone to take lessons with me from their home, anywhere in the world!

If you can’t fit me in at this time, can I go on a waiting list?
Yes. If I put you on the waiting list, I’ll contact you when a time becomes available.

How do I enrol?
Please contact me via the contact’s page with your name and details.