Lydia is a pianist with 15 years experience. She started piano at a later age than her peers at the age of 7, but this has not deterred her from enjoying her piano lessons nor hindered her enthusiasm for music. She progressed quickly and went straight to her first piano exam that year for Grade 2 and passed with Honours.

This shows that it is never too late to learn and if you have the passion for it, you will be able to attain a high achievement and success. Since then, Lydia has completed ANZCA 8th Grade for Piano, HSC Music 2 and Music Extension with high bands.


Lessons with Lydia are always tailored to students’ interest and goals whether that be classical, jazz, to contemporary music, and at the same time incorporating the fundamentals and key skills of playing the piano. Lydia helps students of all ages to discover (or rediscover) a passion for music, develop better cognitive and fine motor skills, and to gain exposure to different styles and genres of music.

Besides teaching in a piano studio, Lydia is involved in several other activities: lifestyle and review blogger, private tutor for students (primary, secondary and university), and a mentor for refugee students.

If you would like to get in touch with Lydia, please use the contact page.